To work with Orlando Web Wizard first you need to open an account.

* If you want managed service,  not a do it yourself service then please contact the Orlando Web Wizard using the “Contact a Wizard” form

* If you’re on a budget and can do some things yourself, please continue.

You will need to assign a credit or debit card to this new account so that your domain names won’t get lost.

* If you do not assign a credit card to your domain names to auto-renew you could loose them. You also need to keep your email current in your account so that the Wizard can email to you reminders should your card expire or items need renewed.

* If you do not follow this rule Orlando Web Wizard is not responsible for lost services and domain names. If you loose a domain name someone else could purchase it and you may not be able to reclaim it.


Watch these videos to learn how to use Orlando Web Wizard Services.