Security is serious business! “Hardening” means taking basic security precautions when you install WordPress. A strong password is an important aspect of security. Securing the WordPress directories wp-admin, wp-includes and wp-content from attacks that are carried out autonomously by malicious software bots. Read Hardening WordPress by Codex for more information.

  1. Login to your Orlando Web wizard Cpanel with the login information that was emailed to you.
  2. Login to Cpanel then look for “Software > Site Software” – Click on the link.
  3. Find “WordPress” in the “Site Software” list and click on it.
  4. Fill in all of the fields with the appropriate information. [SEE EXAMPLE]
  5. Make sure to copy your login information in a safe place.
  6. You can install WordPress into the main directory or a sub-directory. [Delete the WordPress words after the domain name to install in the main directory]
  7. Change the “Table Prefix” to something unusual that cannot be easily guessed.
  8. Then click the install button.
  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You now have a brand new WordPress.
  10. Now follow the Hardening steps and secure your install with the Sucuri Plugin

If you want multiple WordPress installs in Cpanel you can create subdomains. OR if you’re planning to connect a domain name to a subdomain in Cpanel use “Addon Domains” to create your subdomain with a domain name. Under DIY starter hosting services you are allowed up to 4 subdomains.