Let’s start by making your first test post in the Post button.
Simply fill in the blanks, one by one, in the post beginning with the title and then write a little test message in the post window. This is just for a test, so you can write anything you want. When you are done, click PUBLISHES below the post entry window and it is done. Now that you’ve gotten a feel for writing posts, you can view your posts by clicking View Site at the top of the screen. {+}

How to Write a Post Step-By-Step:

1.) Click on the “Posts” button – Find the “Posts” button in your Admin panel. – You will find it on the left side navigation.
2.) In the subcategory click “Add New
3.) See “Add a New Post” title, – you will see a title form field.
4.) The title form field is also the name link and page title.
5.) Enter your Post titlepost-title
6.) Under the Editor you will find the Post Content Field
7.) Enter Your Post contentpost-content
8.) Select the “Category” for your Post – you will find this on the right side.
– Before you write a Post you will need Post categories (See Category Tutorial)post-category
9.) When your content is entered click the blue “Publish” button

Congratulations you’ve just completed your first post 😀

Video Tutorials